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we are a group of women owned small businesses. we are all unique and have our own specialties. which esthetician is right for you? take our quiz below!  

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Hey! I’m Channing!


I’m an esthetician, lash & brow artist, and makeup artist who’s all about that clean beauty!! When I’m not nerding out and researching all about skin, you can find me in the kitchen with my sweet husband and adorable baby boy cooking up a storm.


17 years ago I traded in my paint brushes for makeup brushes and quickly fell in love with all things beauty. In the course of 6 years I was working for some of the biggest cosmetic companies in the industry all while running a successful freelance makeup business. I loved doing makeup but had this constant desire to learn more about skin. Finally I took the plunge and enrolled in Palomar Institute of Cosmetology and received my estheticians license in 2010- best decision ever. 


Having a background in makeup I naturally gravitated towards focusing on lashes and brows. In 2012 I got certified by Nova Lash and instantly fell in love with designing custom lashes to fulfill each clients needs. 


Here at Seven I offer all the pretty lash and brow services. From lash lifts to classic and hybrid lash extensions to custom brow shaping and brow lamination. Nothing like a one stop shop for your lashes and brows! Can’t wait to hang out!

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Cheers, I'm Ash

I am not sure where to start... this career has been a wild ride. Lets start off with the basics; I am the owner of SEVEN. I founded SEVEN in 2017 in my seventh year of being a licensed esthetician. (cool symmetry there huh?) 777. I branched out on my own business venture because I felt that I could always do better for my clients, but because of spa rules and regulations and lack of freedom to create, I couldn't accommodate as I saw fit. This made me stagnant in my career. I started to lose hope in my dream of being a spa owner. Then late one night as I was looking at my kids, dreading work the next day... I decided to stop making excuses and do the dang thing. I dreamt of a beautiful place where my clients could be taken care of in a way not possible in other business models. SEVEN is different. Each business in my building was hand picked by me, because I not only love these women but I trust them. I trust them to take care of my clients and my space. I want them to own 100% of their business, i want them to take a vacation when they see fit. I want them to thrive in a career that can sometimes burn you out. 

I have been on a winding path through my esthetic career. (10 years now) I have worked for doctors, spas, big box retailers and finally, myself. I specialize in acne revision and facial massage. I hope you enjoy my treatments as much as I do. *hugs

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Hi, i'm Andrea Sellner


 I graduated from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis in 2011, receiving my license in Esthiology. My additional education includes an Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Lake Superior College and a multi-media makeup certification from Faces-Etc of Minnesota. My years of practice include extensive training and treating clients with Eminence Organic Skin Care, Dermalogica, Aveda, Glo Therapeutics and Apotheque Rx. After much exploration into other brands, I realized that no other brand compares to Eminence Organic Skin Care. I moved to California in 2015 to explore more opportunities in the skin care industry that lack in Minnesota. My holistic approach to skin care is unique and has motivated me to create Organic Escape Skin Studio in 2016.

Being an esthetician wasn’t in my plans until about 6 months before I attended school. After high school, I attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth as an art major. I quickly sunk into the pressures of college. Bad habits consumed my life and my grades. I became very unhappy as I packed on weight from non-stop junk food and partying. After a year and a half of toxic behaviors, I knew things needed to change. Within six months I finished my two year degree at Lake Superior College, then moved to Minneapolis attend the Aveda Institute to be an esthetician. I cleaned up my habits and regained my health and vitality. I fell in love with skin care and am so blessed to have truly found my art that I can offer to people in need of healing. Since then I have been exploring and learning all that this industry has to offer. After personally going through acne as a teenager (using anti-biotics, Differen, Clearasil, and Proactive) and an extreme phase of cystic acne at the age of 22, I believe in healing the skin internally and externally. Thanks to acupuncture and Eminence Organic Skin Care, my skin healed beautifully and naturally. Let me share my passion and love for skin care with you!

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Hi, I’m Dafne!


I became an esthetician in 2016 because of my love for skin care and all things beauty. 

   I attended Palomar Institute of Cosmetology with not much idea of what I wanted to do as an esthetician, but soon after getting my license I worked for a brow salon in La jolla where I learned how to do brows the “Anastasia way”. That’s when I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in brows. 

After years of focusing on brows I wanted to offer more to my clients which is when I decided to get trained by Yumi Lashes in Beverly Hills to do lash lifts. 

I now specialize in brow shapings, where I map out the eyebrows according to each persons facial structure to give the most flattering shape for the face. Along with brow henna and tinting, and of course lash lifting. 

    Come on in and let me share my love for brows with you!

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