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The Brand

standing out is a must.

SEVEN was created out  of love for helping others, a need to create and a love for skin. SEVEN is a place you can come and unwind and see multiple estheticians in one place. All the business owners in SEVEN own 100% of their own business. Why did I choose this business model? When we support each other and recognize potential in others we grow as a person. I want these amazing woman to grow their business how they see fit. See, some of us specialize in brows and lashes, some in acne revision, some in natural products and a wealth of skin knowledge. We are all unique, just like you, we want you to feel comfortable and get that individualized treatment you long for in a world of mediocre, we strive to be extraordinary. 


Ashley Stewart | OWNER + Esthetician . 

Applying Facial Cream

What People Say

"Hands down the best facial I have ever had! Ashley is AMAZING! Confident facial manipulations! Before I was even off the table I was planning my next appointment in my head. Love the vibe of the shop, reminds me of where I just moved from--Joshua Tree/HiDez. (So, it also made me a little homesick. ) "

- Trista W - 

" got a facial here for the first time and it was amazing! Ashley gave the most amazing lymphatic massage and tailored the facial to my specific needs. my skin was glowing after. will definitely be back! "

" I got my first facial ever here and I would 10/10 recommend. First of all, this place is so cute. I wish I could have them come decorate my house!
I made an appointment online for a 30 minute facial with Andrea and honestly I wish I would have gotten a longer one! She was so sweet and made me feel very comfortable. The vibe in the room was so relaxing, I could have fallen asleep. And as someone who is super anxious 24/7 that is saying a lot LOL. Andi was very helpful answering all my questions and even offered up suggestions for my skincare routine. I will definitely be booking another facial with her and I'll make sure to get the longer one next time! "

- Skyler M - 

" This has been my third appointment at this place. I always get the lash lift, brow sculpts, and brow lamination by Dafne. She's amazing, very friendly, and educational, she walked me through each step, made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She educated me in the aftercare, how often I should wait between each session. The results are amazing, lashes stay curled for a long time almost two whole months, my brows always look amazing! Will totally be coming back! Haven't tried the facials yet but definitely plan to in the future."

- Karin T - 

- Lauren S - 

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